Detroit Tigers: Possible Jose Iglesias Trade Destinations

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San Diego Padres

It’s probably time the San Diego Padres start thinking about winning again. After the disastrous 2015 debacle, the Padres have taken two straight years to rebuild. Now that many of those bad contracts are off the books or at least in another city, it’s time to start the march toward .500.

One position the Padres seem to always need is shortstop. Two years ago they filled the void with Chicago White Sox castaway Alexei Ramirez. This past season it was Erick Aybar. If they did trade for Iglesias in the offseason, while he’s only under control for one more year, they could get themselves a reliable and affordable option whom they are able to extend.

The Padres have three options at shortstop next year. They stick with the lowly choices they’ve gone with the for the past two years. This hasn’t worked nor would I suggest it. A new choice is to go big and possibly sign Zack Cozart. This is a very “win-now” move and probably not in their best interest. Plus, Cozart is going to command a big payday after putting together a career year.

This leaves San Diego with something in between. Iglesias won’t turn their franchise around. He will, however, play well on defense and begin to offer the team an identity. He’s just one move of many they would need to make for this to become a viable option.