New York Yankees: Where Will CC Sabathia Pitch in 2018?

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Where will CC Sabathia pitch in 2018
Where will CC Sabathia pitch in 2018 /

Veteran pitcher CC Sabathia has a desire and the talent to play again in 2018. Where will the pending free agent call home at the start of next year?

Over 200 wins, six All-Star selections, and a Cy Young Award highlight the career of pitcher CC Sabathia. The 37-year-old has already pitched in parts of 17 seasons. While many might call it quits after accomplishing so much, Sabathia intends to pitch again in 2018.

Can we blame him? Sabathia put together one of his best seasons in years. His 14-5 record was further helped with a 3.69 ERA. The case to play again in 2018 is there. Now, it’s just a matter of someone offering him the opportunity.

Sabathia has represented the New York Yankees for the past nine seasons. It started off really well with four straight stellar seasons. Then it all began to fall apart in 2013. Over the next few years, he has struggled to get outs and stay healthy.

Many doubted Sabathia would even make the Yankees’ rotation at the start of 2017. He proved the doubters wrong and even pieced together a year just about any pitcher could be proud of. Though he’s no longer the elite ace he was in his earlier days, Sabathia still has some gas left in the tank.

The Yankees could surely re-sign him, but why would they? Sabathia’s performance could warrant a multi-year deal. The Yankees may already need to spend money on replacing Masahiro Tanaka whose opt-out clause could pull him out of the Bronx. Sabathia is not a long-term option for them and a guy they should probably move on from before he outwears his welcome.

So, if not the Yankees, where could Sabathia pitch in 2018?