MLB Postseason: Which player would each team go to in final at-bat?

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images /
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Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images /

Every MLB team faces the situation in which it’s down to the final out. Who would get the call if the manager could send any player they wished to the dish?

New York Yankees – Brett Gardner

Aaron Judge garnered all the attention throughout the season, mashing more than 50 home runs and working his way into the MVP conversation.

Didi Gregorious stole the show against Cleveland. New York wouldn’t be in the ALCS without the shortstop’s contributions. In six games between the ALDS and Wild Card Game, the replacement for Derek Jeter cracked three bombs, including two against AL Cy Young candidate Corey Kluber.

But Brett Gardner proved he can be trusted when the game is on the line. Not only does the outfielder boast the best batting average of any Yankee this postseason, he also pieced together the best at-bat seen in any division series this year.

The bald brother has always been known for his speed, but he added power to his repertoire this season. He smacked 21 homers this season while hitting .264. He also led the team in swiped bags with 23.

Judge, Gregorious and Bird have all had big hits this postseason, but they’ve lacked contact in October. Judge also leads the team in strikeouts in the playoffs with 17. He did lead the league in strikeouts this year as well.

Against some of the best relievers in the league, it would be down to Gregorius and Gardner. And considering that Gardner has been in primetime positions before and succeeded, he would be Joe Girardi’s guy if it came down to one at-bat.

He could also be a threat on the bases, which could fluster an opponent – as long as they don’t pull a Jose Lobaton.