Philadelphia Phillies: Possible Freddy Galvis Trade Destinations

PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 27: Freddy Galvis /
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Freddy Galvis trade destinations
Freddy Galvis trade destinations /

If the Philadelphia Phillies trade Freddy Galvis, where could he go?

Freddy Galvis may never suit up for the Philadelphia Phillies again. The longest tenured member of the 2017 team will enter 2018 with one year left before free agency. Knowing the future at shortstop belongs to J.P. Crawford or possibly even someone else, this winter is the time when Galvis will be heavily shopped.

Not many realize how vital Galvis was for the Phillies in 2017. The 27-year-old played in all 162 games for the Phillies. This perfect attention is sure to gather some extra attention from around the league. To that end, Galvis has missed only 12 games in the past three seasons. This “iron man” status will surely go a long way in the Phillies’ attempt to trade him.

The Phillies are at a turning point in the franchise’s history. After dominating the latter part of last decade and staying competent into the early part of this one, Philadelphia has taken a turn for the worst. They’ve regularly finished at or near the bottom of the standings for a few years now. Finally, the team is coming together.

Before they can start winning, all the veterans will need to clear out. Galvis is not going to be on the roster the next time the Phillies make the postseason. That’s something you can bet on. Galvis may, though, help out a playoff team as soon as next year. Those are the types of teams who will look to add him in a trade this offseason.

Among them are these three franchises I see having a spot available for Galvis.