Philadelphia Phillies: Possible Freddy Galvis Trade Destinations

PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 27: Freddy Galvis /
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Freddy Galvis trade destinations
Freddy Galvis trade destinations /

Los Angeles Dodgers

The last time the Los Angeles Dodgers acquired a former Phillies shortstop, Jimmy Rollins left a bad taste in their mouth. However, second baseman Chase Utley did turn into a major contributor. Even though Galvis doesn’t carry the same weight or locker room power as Utley, he can still give the Dodgers some really good innings and a nice effort in 2018.

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Obviously, Galvis is not going to start in 2018 at shortstop if he’s on the Dodgers. That’s a role for Corey Seager to keep. Galvis may manage to steal the second base job. The Dodgers have their pick of the litter for that position, but with fewer prospects to deal for the best ones out there, Galvis might be a target they pursue.

Let’s consider the 2017 postseason. Seager’s back injury prevented him from cracking the NLCS roster. So, the Dodgers are making due with backups. If Galvis was around, the panic button wouldn’t have as many fingerprints on it as it does right now.

Galvis is a really nice fit for the Dodgers because of how deep their roster already is. He’s never going to hit much higher than eighth in their lineup. However, he can balance out the lineup and give them a lot more options. The Dodgers’ bench was not a particularly good one this past season. This and a few other factors could mean Galvis is a match.