Chicago Cubs: Possible Kyle Schwarber trade destinations

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Kyle Schwarber trade destinations
Kyle Schwarber trade destinations /

After losing in the National League Championship Series to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Chicago Cubs head into the offseason looking to make some moves to better their roster. One drastic change could involve a Kyle Schwarber trade.

Theo Epstein ended the Boston Red Sox curse only to do the same a decade later with the Chicago Cubs. Both times he led the front office by making necessary trades. This winter he must follow his own blueprint if the Cubs really want to turn their 2016 championship into a possible dynasty.

Slugger Kyle Schwarber is certainly an intriguing trade chip that the Cubs could deal. Bound for the American League, Schwarber looks like an ideal DH. He’s a man with no real position, struggling to find his way in the outfield.

Of all the young players the Cubs have, this young man is one of the most tradable. He doesn’t turn 25 until March and has already showcased terrific power.

Beyond connecting with home runs, the rest of Schwarber’s abilities are a bit mysterious. In this most recent season, he smacked 30 home runs in 486 plate appearances. Unfortunately, his .211 batting average caught more attention as did his poor defense. The ex-catcher hasn’t figured out left field yet which is why a move to a team in need of a DH or first baseman is inevitable.

The Cubs need more than a curse coming to a close for another World Series victory. They need to make sacrifices. Among them is trading promising young players like Schwarber. The team is likely to lose Jake Arrieta and Wade Davis this offseason. This puts them in the market to make some moves, which dealing Schwarber can help accomplish.