25 Most Memorable MLB Postseason Moments

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MLB Postseason
DENVER – OCTOBER 27: Matt Holliday /

18. A playoff to get into the playoffs

MLB Postseason Moment: Technically not the MLB Postseason, this game still found its way into the mix with it being an extension of the playoffs, with the Colorado Rockies defeating the San Diego Padres in the 2007 Wild Card tie-breaker, creating the phenomenon “Rocktober” in the process.

Why It’s Memorable: The Rockies’ playoff run stretch run was the greatest, against all odds type final month in Major League Baseball history. In mid-September, the Rockies had a meager record of 76-72, then rattled off 14 of their final 15 regular season contests with victories, capping it off with a 9-8, 13-inning victory over the San Diego Padres in a tie-breaker for the Wild Card spot in their 163rd game of the year.

In a back and forth contest that went into extra innings, the two NL West division rivals capped off the contest with an epic final inning. The Padres took an 8-6, after a two-run bomb by Scott Hairston, that seemed to all but clinch it for the Padres.

However, the Rockies clawed back tying the game, then an epic play at the plate — with Matt Holliday diving chin first literally into the plate — winning the epic game for the Rockies.

The Rockies were just getting started, by winning all seven playoff games in the National League portion of the playoff bracket, preserving their first National League Pennant in team history. Next, the Rockies ran into a buzz-saw that was the Boston Red Sox, losing all four of the games in the series, with the Rockies yet to return to the Fall Classic since.

Up until that sweep at the hands of the Sox, the Rockies had won a total of 21 out of 22 games, running out of gas. Even though they weren’t able to close out the final four games, “Rocktober” will live within the hearts of baseball fans for eternity to come.