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PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 28: Pedro Florimon
PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 28: Pedro Florimon /
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If He’s Healthy, Florimon Has the Best Shot To Make the Team as a Reserve. Photo by H. Martin/Getty Images.
If He’s Healthy, Florimon Has the Best Shot To Make the Team as a Reserve. Photo by H. Martin/Getty Images. /

Before the team’s free agents pursue career opportunities with another organization, general manager Matt Klentak and his staff will continue to modify the 40-man roster for the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Pruning:

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If the player’s name isn’t here, he won’t be facing a cut or doesn’t require protection with a 40-man spot. No, these ten pitchers and five hitters are the ones in consideration for 12 slots.

According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, the Phils, for example, are keeping their managerial search quiet. Yes, the franchise has a policy of limiting information, but Philly writers have an edge by noticing local activities. However, having a detective-like diligence is more valuable because waiting for an announcement is an after-the-fact approach.

While many fans just look at the stats, Klentak views those numbers as only half of the equation. He considers their present and projected needs and their blueprint for the future. But when it comes to the players, the exec factors in their age, progress and any hard-to-find pieces. For instance, a lefty starter.

To make it easier to read and understand, I split the talent based on similarity of status. In other words, there are players with the best chance to make the team in April, those recently evaluated in the majors and ones with other considerations. But some are moving up to a higher MiLB pleateau or have useful abilities.

Since the red pinstripes have three catchers but need only two, this creates a shortage elsewhere: four outfielders including the new first baseman. Meanwhile, a reserve infielder is also a requirement because the promotion-awaiting second sacker with the Allentown affiliate will probably advance during a hot streak. Until then, Pedro Florimon‘s versatility to play in front of and in the outfield gives him an excellent shot in spring training if he’s healthy. But while a re-signed Florimon has an advantage, Cameron Perkins could also earn an active-roster spot: For them March stats will make a difference. Watch these two in Clearwater.

"AN INSIDE VIEW: “MLB has become overly active, actively involved in the game, the on-the-field game. They’re trying to run the game the way they want to, and you just have to play along with it, deal with it.” – Paul Quantrill"