Philadelphia Phillies: Possible Hector Neris Trade Destinations

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Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images
Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images /

Arizona Diamondbacks

One department the Arizona Diamondbacks lacked in during the 2017 campaign was in the closer role. Veteran Fernando Rodney was often shaky, leaving the ninth inning a rollercoaster. He’s probably not going to return next year which leaves the Diamondbacks with an opportunity and mission to add a new closer. Is Neris the man for the job?

Considering his price tag, Neris might be perfect. The Diamondbacks are in no position to sell the farm or sign any big name free agent closers like Wade Davis. This is a team with a short window to win and an increasingly high payroll. Since they should be in the market to possibly add an outfielder and reconstruct the entire bullpen, Neris makes a whole lot of sense.

Zack Greinke’s contract and other big payroll burdens will limit the Diamondbacks from targeting any expensive closers. Though it’s a spot all playoff-ready teams shouldn’t neglect, the rest of the roster needs to be built before a serious pursuit.

I do think the Diamondbacks also have enough young talent to convince the Phillies to conduct a deal. While their minor league is not stacked with pitchers, they have multiple MLB-ready position players that could tempt the Phillies. Philadelphia will still have the advantage in any transaction these two teams make so the Diamondbacks should prepare to pay a reasonable price for Neris.