Cleveland Indians: Possible Jason Kipnis trade destinations

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Jason Kipnis trade destinations
Jason Kipnis trade destinations /

If the Cleveland Indians are prepared to trade Jason Kipnis, which teams would have the most interest?

After parts of seven seasons with the Cleveland Indians, Jason Kipnis may begin next season in a new uniform. Kipnis played in just 90 games due to injury and the Indians have available backups in place to hold down the fort in his absence. A trade this winter looks very much possible. Is this the end of Kipnis in Cleveland?

Since debuting in 2011, Kipnis has slashed .268/.340/.422 for the Indians. He was an All-Star for the first time in 2013, a year that included a career-high 84 RBI and 30 stolen bases. Unfortunately, Kipnis suffered a severe decline the following year before rebounding with another great season in 2015. Kipnis would later play a huge role during the Indians’ 2016 run to the World Series. If not for him, Cleveland may not have come so close to winning it all.

As far as his contract goes, the Indians got the best years out of him at the greatest value. He’ll make $13.6 million next year and $14.6 the year after. In 2020, Kipnis’ contract calls for $16.5 million or a $2.5 million buyout. It’s far too early to predict what will happen at that point. For the sake of a possible trade, teams should feel a little more comfortable knowing they can get out of the deal pretty easily.

Even though he played poorly last year, there is an excuse for it. Kipnis is very much tradable and someone the Indians will definitely consider sending elsewhere.

Where should they start?