Miami Marlins: Possible Marcell Ozuna trade destinations

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Marcell Ozuna trade destinations
Marcell Ozuna trade destinations /

Where could the Miami Marlins consider trading Marcell Ozuna this offseason?

Miami Marlins’ slugger Giancarlo Stanton grabbed headlines this season by smashing 59 home runs. Unfortunately, this took away from the amazing year teammate Marcell Ozuna put together.

Backed by Stanton’s powerful season, Ozuna went on to hit a career high 37 home runs, drive in 124, and put together some other bests all while slashing .312/.376/.548. In his first year as the Marlins’ starting left fielder after swapping with center fielder Christian Yelich, Ozuna crushed his way to the toward the top of this offseason’s trade candidate lists.

As we’ve witnessed in the past, playing well in Miami often buys a ticket out of town. Following the franchise’s 1997 and 2003 World Series victories, the team went into rebuild mode. Although circumstances differed back then, the new ownership led by Derek Jeter do plan to shed lots of salary this offseason. One casualty of this might be Ozuna whose value is now higher than ever.

The fact that Ozuna can play any of the three outfield positions will help his cause. However, it’s his bat catching most of the attention. Justifiably so, anyone who makes such a leap in one year before even reaching his prime years deserves the praise.

Controlled through 2019, any team interested in Ozuna will have the arbitration process assist them in keeping this young star on their roster. For the Marlins, this means a nicer return in a potential trade.

There is a benefit for many teams to consider Ozuna over Stanton. That one main reason is money. Stanton’s contract is astronomical and it includes an opt out clause. He’ll cost an arm with giant biceps and a leg with the best quads you’ve ever seen, possibly only to depart soon thereafter. Ozuna hasn’t played long enough to earn this luxury so the benefit of knowing he’s still there will play a factor.

Some big trades certainly do seem afoot in Miami this winter. Looking at Ozuna, these are three destinations for the blossoming young star.