Miami Marlins: Possible Marcell Ozuna trade destinations

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Marcell Ozuna trade destinations
Marcell Ozuna trade destinations /

San Francisco Giants

We all know the San Francisco Giants need help in the outfield. Specifically, they could really use a middle of the order bat. Ozuna fits both of these with the only roadblock being whether or not the Giants have the young talent to acquire him.

The Giants’ offseason search should include finding a left fielder and third baseman. At least one of those positions should bring them a notable free agent. With very little competition for Mike Moustakas, it would make sense for them to pay that man his money and then acquire Ozuna in a less costly trade. Since they are one of baseball’s richer teams, perhaps they’d even be willing to take on Martin Prado’s contract to make everything a little more favorable. Prado could work as a utility man for them. Considering their poor depth, it’s not the worst idea.

J.D. Martinez is going to cost a lot of money this offseason. If the Giants go that direction, they may get stuck with a lesser player at third base. This is a team that must go after a championship once more while they have Madison Bumgarner on the roster. By carefully deciding on where to spend money and where to spend prospects, they can pick themselves up from last place.

Ozuna may not thrive in San Francisco and it’s definitely understandable if his numbers take a dip. Regardless, he’s young and could use the stability of a more experienced team.