Miami Marlins: Possible Marcell Ozuna trade destinations

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Marcell Ozuna trade destinations
Marcell Ozuna trade destinations /

Seattle Mariners

How far are the Seattle Mariners willing to go in order to end their playoff drought? After doing quite a bit last summer following an active offseason, I’m guessing they are not ready to give up quite yet.

Felix Hernandez has pitched his whole career without tasting playoff baseball. With all that money they’re paying Robinson Cano, it would be a shame if he doesn’t return in a Mariners’ uniform.

Trading for Ozuna won’t automatically put the Mariners into the playoffs. After all, they’re dealing with a division that includes the World Series Champions. This doesn’t mean they should roll over to the Houston Astros. Seattle needs to use this as an opportunity to make the trade for Ozuna.

I like the idea of the Mariners trading for Ozuna because he brings proven youth to the ball club. While we can appreciate what Ben Gamel, Mitch Haniger, and others brought last season, Ozuna has the longer resume. It never hurts to have depth anyway.

An addition to the outfield is not the only noticeable upgrade the Mariners’ lineup could use. This is a team that should also be in the market for a first baseman. Thanks to a deep class there, they can likely find a good option for rather cheap. Someone like Mark Reynolds might be a nice addition if paired with a halfway decent reserve. That route would then allow them to use any minor league resources they have to complete a trade for Ozuna.