Tampa Bay Rays: Possible Chris Archer trade destinations

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Chris Archer trade destinations
Chris Archer trade destinations /

Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves are one of those regularly below .500 teams that have an opportunity to leap the standings next year. Among their major needs is an ace. Julio Teheran hit a wall last year, putting the Braves in a position to seek the services of a new number one starter.

The important thing to know about Archer is that he’s going to cost a lot. The Braves, thankfully, have the farm system to acquire just about any player not named Mike Trout. Years of losing and trading away many veterans have positioned Atlanta to make their move for Archer should they decide that he’s the right fit.

Atlanta has plenty of arms the Rays could want. If they get lucky, the Rays would also see Matt Adams and view him as a potential first baseman or DH next year. This would help the Braves keep the farm system together a little better while also making the best use of Adams. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything in Adams’ future better than a trade. Specifically, one to the American League would benefit him most.

Last winter the Braves phoned it in and signed R.A. Dickey and Bartolo Colon over the winter. This offseason it’s important to actually acquire long-term talents and not veterans on their last leg. Even the steep asking price for Archer shouldn’t be enough to scare off the Braves completely.