Houston Astros: What happens with pitcher Mike Fiers this offseason?

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Houston Astros pitcher Mike Fiers
Houston Astros pitcher Mike Fiers /

What happens to Fiers next season?

Based on how it all played out, Fiers’ role with the Houston Astros next year is going to change, if he even sticks around.

Keuchel, Morton, and Justin Verlander as guaranteed to stay in the rotation. Lance McCullers elevated his status in the postseason the same way Brad Peacock did through the 162 regular season games. Also, there is Collin McHugh to remember.

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Fiers is beginning to look like a potential long man in the bullpen, trade piece, or non-tender candidate. Teams won’t beg for his services, but someone would definitely consider him as an innings eater.

Fiers is a perfectly capable fifth starter, especially on a team with a more pitcher-friendly ballpark, where he might turn things around.

I imagine any trade involving Fiers would involve a minimal return for Houston. Or maybe he’s dumped into a deal including prospects to a team willing to give him another chance,  which is best case scenario for the Astros.

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Clearly, Fiers is not a guy the Houston Astros seem keen on using in the rotation moving forward. Since he is capable of pitching lots of innings, he’d better serve another squad in the back of the rotation.

My guess is Fiers enters the free agent market and finds his way onto a team like the San Diego Padres or Miami Marlins with dire starting rotation needs.