Shohei Otani Has Hired An Agent for Expected Move to MLB

OSAKA, JAPAN - NOVEMBER 12: Pitcher Shohei Otani
OSAKA, JAPAN - NOVEMBER 12: Pitcher Shohei Otani /

Typically, the news of a baseball player choosing an agent or switching representation is not exciting. In the case of Shohei Otani, however, that news may further indicate a move to the majors.

Few players have captured the imagination the way that Shohei Otani has over the past few years. Considered the best player not currently playing in major league baseball, he is considered to be the type of player that could change the game for years to come. A power pitcher with an excellent fastball, Otani has also been a premier power bat in Japan, causing some to refer to him as the Japanese Babe Ruth.

Given the excitement surrounding Otani, it is understandable that virtually everything he does will be considered newsworthy. Even the idea that he was entertaining agents for a possible move to the majors was enough to get baseball fans excited. Otani has now made a decision as to his representation, choosing CAA as his agents in the United States.

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There are still hurdles for Otani to come stateside. The posting process is, again, a matter of contention, as the current agreement has expired. If those negotiations do not progress, then Otani may end up staying in Japan. And then, there are the questions of whether or not he would pass up a larger payday in two years for a chance to play in the majors now.

In hiring CAA as his representation in the United States, it appears as though that second question has been answered. Otani has long said that he simply wants to face the best competition that the game has to offer, and his lifestyle shows a general lack of concern regarding the accumulation of wealth.

At this point, all that is missing is an actual confirmation. We can read the tea leaves however we want, but there is no guarantee that Otani will head to the majors. All the signs may point that way, but ultimately, the decision may not be up to him. If he does get posted, however, he will be well represented.

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Shoehei Otani has hired an agent to represent him in the United States. The anticipated move to major league baseball may be happening.