Movember Special: A starting lineup of baseball’s best beards

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 30: Charlie Blackmon
DENVER, CO - AUGUST 30: Charlie Blackmon /
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LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 22: Brandon Crawford
LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 22: Brandon Crawford /

Shortstop—Brandon Crawford, San Francisco Giants

One of the contenders for best beard at shortstop is Freddy Galvis, but his beard sometimes gets trimmed down to just a goatee. Perhaps it’s shy. Perhaps it can’t make up its mind. Perhaps Galvis likes the goatee, and only sheer laziness makes the trail of scruff stretch to his ears to become more beard-like. Galvis’ beard lacks the consistency necessary to be the best beard of any shortstop. If there’s a best dreadlocks competition, Galvis will be notified.

Elvis Andrus and his beard surprisingly hit 20 home runs this year, after never hitting more than eight in a season. There’s no proof that it was the beard that was responsible for the power surge, but there’s also no proof that it wasn’t his beard that was responsible. Back when Andrus was a clean-shaven youth of 21, he hit zero home runs in a season. An aspiring sabermetrician may want to analyze the data.

When it comes to bearded shortstops, you have to go with the San Francisco Giants’ Brandon Crawford, the man with two World Series rings. His beard was just beyond the five o’clock shadow phase in 2012 when the Giants swept the Tigers in the World Series. When they beat the Royals in 2014, Crawford’s beard had grown to keep pace with the wild mess of hair flowing from below his baseball cap. If he threw some bleach in that hair, he’d be the Andre Agassi of baseball.