Josh Beckett arrested for assaulting country music singer

WICHITA, KS - AUGUST 06: Pitcher Josh Beckett
WICHITA, KS - AUGUST 06: Pitcher Josh Beckett /

Josh Beckett attacks an aspiring country music star, apparently injuring the singer in the process…

Former MLB World Series MVP, Josh Beckett, apparently forgot what sport he used to play when he tackled a member of a country music band at their recent concert.

It’s unknown if intoxication during the skirmish, but the odds are ever in his favor. Sports reported the incident, who even got an image still of the attack.

Apparently, it was open mic night at this establishment, but Beckett used it as an opportunity to impress scouts from MMA, reportedly causing injuries to the singer.

Local law enforcement stated that Beckett was a “danger to himself and others.”

Josh Beckett has wisely lawyered up, who told TMZ Sports that his actions were of “horseplay” and that he is now making “amends” to rectify the situation.

You’ve already had your fifteen minutes of fame, “Mr.” Beckett, so why don’t you let this aspiring country “music” stars do the same?

I guess being Mr. Irrelevant does not sit well well with you. Well, congratulations, you are back in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Naturally, this stunt wasn’t the first time Beckett has ruffled feathers, where he has an extensive track record, to say the least.

In a fitting article from 2012, Josh Beckett was considered one of the most selfish players in all of baseball. We are just getting started, folks.

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2009, his remarks regarding the death of an opposing team’s player take the cake, in a classless, coward act. Not cool, Beckett. Not cool at all.

Wait, there’s more. In 2010, Beckett made the list of 20 biggest “bags” in all of the MLB. Specifically, he was accused of being a headhunter during his time as a pitcher.

Now, there are others who have Beckett’s back, calling those who lash at him “haters”, feeling they are jealous of the man. He was able to marry a rocket scientist, retire at the age of 34 with a bank account full of crazy jack, and also win a World Series MVP. He has ultimate scoreboard on most of us, right?

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Wrong. The only aspect that Josh Beckett has on all of us is a platform to express his entitled behavior and poor attitude. Welcome back to the spotlight, Josh Beckett. I hope you enjoy being public enemy number one, you’ve earned it.