Washington Nationals: Trading Michael Taylor Pros and Cons

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Washington Nationals Pros and Cons of Trading Michael Taylor
Washington Nationals Pros and Cons of Trading Michael Taylor /

Pros of Trading Michael Taylor

Obviously, there are always benefits of trading a player. A team can upgrade at another position by dealing away surplus talent. The outfield is one area where the Nationals are quite deep at, especially if Victor Robles is closer to MLB action than many thought he’d be a year ago.

Taylor is currently the expected starting center fielder for Opening Day 2018. However, the Nationals may always choose to go another direction.

While I am doubtful they go after Lorenzo Cain, there are more possibilities in free agency. Perhaps the Nationals see the surplus of power bats out there who could play left field. Washington could sign one then slide Eaton back to center field.

For the first time in years Taylor actually has trade value. It’s not much, but it could help the Nationals add in other areas. Most notably, a team searching for a starting center fielder may be willing to part with a bullpen arm.

Hypothetically, if the Nationals were to employ an outfield of Eaton, Bryce Harper, and a veteran left fielder then they would need only one more player to join the bench. Last year, Brian Goodwin showed he deserves a 25-man roster spot in 2018. The other spot could then be occupied by one of the prospects or possibly a cheap veteran. Bringing back Adam Lind as a backup to Ryan Zimmerman and corner outfield option could always work.

Washington’s pitching staff needs work and Taylor might be the greatest asset they have in improving it. Should they decide to go that direction, the Nationals have a chance at surviving post-Taylor.