Atlanta Braves Signings: Christian Colon, The Answer

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 11: Christian Colon
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 11: Christian Colon /

The Atlanta Braves are going to win at least 145 games next year with their newest free agent signing.  This is a BIG one.

The Atlanta Braves have officially doused the Offseason Hot Stove with gasoline.  

As initially reported by Robert Murray of FanRag Sports, the team has signed infielder Christian Colon to a minor-league deal.   This move is apparently the match that will set the Hot Stove ablaze.

I know we’re both thinking the same thing — why just a minor league deal?  

Put that man on the active roster and let him bat cleanup. After all, Colon’s 2017 OPS+ was 15, and his wRC+ was 9. Those are not typos.

His wRC+ was a single digit – nine. Nine, you guys. The Atlanta Braves just signed a guy who was 91% below league average last season. So I ask, What else can you ask?

All sarcasm aside, this is one of the most significant buy-low signings I can remember. From here, Colon can only go straight up or sideways. It is entirely possible he could increase his value by not swinging at a single pitch next season.

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After non-tendering subpar but versatile players in Jace Peterson and Danny Santana, the Braves have stated an evident desire to improve their utility options.

Buster Olney recently noted the Braves were looking into shortstops to buy time for Dansby Swanson.  

With Colon now on board, it’s probably safe to punt on Swanson’s future, trade him while before his value tanks any farther, and plug Colon in long-term. The same goes for Johan Camargo.  Who needs them?!?

Colon, a former Royal and Marlin, joins the Atlanta Braves as the final piece needed to make a push for contention.  The Nationals are probably shaking in their boots right now.

How strange to think that two weeks ago, Braves fans were lamenting the loss of Kevin Maitan, Yunior Severino, and a bevy of international free agents. This signing not only softens the blow but also compensates for any and all future output Maitan would have generated. The Angels can keep him.

If I’m Alex Anthopoulos, I’m already working on an extension for Colon. It’s probably a good idea to lock down this type of generational talent before next season’s legendary free agent class.

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Now, this is the second consecutive offseason where the Atlanta Braves have added a player with the Colon surname. And I think we all remember how well the Bartolo signing worked out.

Thank you, Mr. Anthopoulos. We are all looking forward to more moves just like this one.