New York Yankees: Cashman takes huge risk, acquires Stanton

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Giancarlo Stanton studded headlines across the nation for essentially the past month. Now he’s a part of the New York Yankees, who just became the World Series favorites.

Twenty-four percent – 310 games. Giancarlo Stanton missed more than a handful of bouts in his career. Even though he crushed an astounding 59 home runs in 2017, New York Yankees fans are aware of his injury-laden past.

Nevertheless, general manager Brian Cashman acquired Stanton to bring yet another bomber into the Bronx. It is the ultimate risk, especially because the outfielder possesses a long-term contract involving tons of money.

But Cashman is known for his prolonged deals and primetime trades. And if everything goes well, he may have just made the deal of the decade by bringing in the slugger. Of course, there are several aspects that must play out first – one clearly stands out. 

Stanton must be worth the money.

With the contracts of Jacoby Ellsbury and Alex Rodriguez looming over New York, Cashman – and every Yankees fan – must hope the 28-year-old is worth every penny. One World Series title will not be enough.

Luckily for Stanton, the pressure isn’t mounted on him, due to the team’s already-potent offense. Aaron Judge still headlines the lineup, while the likes of Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird provide him a cushion in the middle of the order.

Didi Gregorius had some fun on Twitter regarding his current spot in the rotation, but surely he will move down in the lineup by a spot or two. He is still a deadly force and provides, even more, depth in the order.

New York compiled the most runs in the league last year and blasted the most home runs in the league as well. The Yankees needed just five more bombs to break a franchise record. Now, if health allows, that is a foregone conclusion.

Stanton and Judge almost crushed more home runs combined than several major league squads. Add in Sanchez, and they did outswing many teams.

That’s just three players, though.

The addition of Stanton clarifies where the franchise is going in the future – besides the World Series.

Starlin Castro is likely gone, along with several mid-tier prospects. Thus, the organization is putting its hands in Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar, Tyler Wade and Thairo Estrada to fill the infield openings.

Goodbye, Manny Machado. But along with that, the Yankees will save money by focusing on developing the team’s highly-touted prospects. And as fans and analysts noted over the past few seasons, that’s fine.

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Now, with such a destructive, power-laden offense, Cashman will likely focus on improving the pitching staff any way he can.

Shohei Ohtani is out of the mix, but there are several minute signings or acquisitions that can better the team.

Overall, this team was already good sans Stanton. But if he can remain healthy and the team continues to grow, manager Aaron Boone will have the most talented team in the league.

That doesn’t guarantee they will be a more dominant team than the one with the Core Four, especially with the Astros, Indians, Dodgers, and Cubs in the way.

Cashman still rolled the dice on the outfielder. And he hopes Stanton will pay out in dividends, not just the organization.

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Welcome to the New York Yankees, Giancarlo.