Boston Red Sox never pursued Giancarlo Stanton trade

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 25: 2017 Hank Aaron Award recipient Giancarlo Stanton
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 25: 2017 Hank Aaron Award recipient Giancarlo Stanton /

The Boston Red Sox have had a rough couple of days.

It all began Saturday morning when it was first announced that the Boston Red Sox rivals, the New York Yankees, traded 2B Starlin Castro and two prospects to the Miami Marlins for super slugger Giancarlo Stanton. Paired with Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, Stanton will solidify the best middle of the order in all of baseball.

When the trade broke, Red Sox fans were outraged. Their team was last in the American League for home runs with 168 while the rival Yankees were first with 241.

The Boston Red Sox were, and are, still in dire need of a power hitter while the New York Yankees found their’s last season with the emergence of Judge.

But the Yankees got Stanton.

Today, Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski and the rest of the front office didn’t get their public image to look much better as Stanton’s agent came out with this to say regarding Boston.

Not a great look.

For one, the Red Sox need a power bat, and Dombrowski even came out after this was said and exclaimed that their number one priority was still a power bat.

It makes absolutely no sense as to why the Red Sox didn’t go all in for Stanton. The opportunity was there for a power bat and according to Stanton’s agent, they never even made an effort.

If the Red Sox had tried for Stanton and lost the trading war to the Yankees, it would be much more bearable like “well, at least you tried.”

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But instead, the Red Sox, a team in desperate need of a power bat and superstar, decided that it wasn’t worth it to at least kick the tires on the game’s best power hitter and arguably most well-known player.

Even though they’ve taken the American League East crown the past two years, the Boston Red Sox have had consecutive early; first round exits as well.

They’ve become a dull team lacking star power ever since David Ortiz‘s retirement.

Dombrowski still could make a big splash through the signing of J.D. Martinez or Eric Hosmer. They could even trade for 1B Jose Abreu or OF Kyle Schwarber.

But no matter the move they make, no one will be able to replace the star power and swagger of what a guy like Stanton would have brought to Boston.

Next: The other power bat that the Red Sox can sign.

And it only adds salt to the wound that Giancarlo Stanton will bring that while dawning pinstripes.