Addressing the two biggest Phillies’ rumors

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Most teams will wait a year before actively pursuing Machado. Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images. /

Slugger for sale:

For the last two summers, the locals have vocalized about picking up Manny Machado. He’ll be a  free agent after ’18 but, currently, the asking price is too high.

The Baltimore Orioles had entered November to add pitching and contend for the postseason, but New York, their divisional foe, acquired Stanton. So, when they only had a small chance now for serious October baseball, their strategy regarding Machado changed.

While the faithful have coveted Machado, accelerating his departure from Baltimore wasn’t in Klentak’s plans. Speed bump! The exec wanted to sign him after the next 162 without swapping any top prospects.

Although Machado can hit .280 to .290 with 30-35 home runs and 80 to 100 RBIs, he is a right-handed bat, and the Phillies were heavy from the right side until acquiring Santana. That stated, the Orioles will have plenty of suitors for Machado.

Before trading Galvis, Machado’s desire for a return to short was more problematic for the red pinstripes. He switched to the hot corner because Baltimore had a shortstop before his major league debut.

According to the Orioles, 10 clubs have made substantial offers for Machado. Substantial bids for a one-season rental have an inflated sound, no? And Machado wants to test the market and will not negotiate an extension with any organization.

Additionally, Baltimore owner Peter Angelos does not want the Yankees to have Machado. Not now or next July! In fact, Angelos will only approve a deal with a contender to avoid the Yanks acquiring Machado through a new team.

As for Klentak’s offer to the O’s, his proposal like others was probably light because he has no guarantee beyond one campaign. In other words, a mid-July trade for Baltimore seems more plausible.