Colorado Rockies have the talent to acquire pitcher Gerrit Cole

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A Package of Colorado Rockies Players to Acquire Gerrit Cole

Any trade involving the Colorado Rockies should begin with shortstop Trevor Story. After his impressive 2016 rookie campaign, Story put up less stellar statistics in 2017. They have prospect Brendan Rodgers already knocking on the big league door and enough reason to move Story and his often one-dimensional style of play.

Along with Story, one of last year’s young starters should go with Pittsburgh if only to open up room.

Take your pick between Marquez, Freeland, and Senzatela. One of them has to go in any deal to acquire a number one like Cole. The Rockies wouldn’t have room for all of them anyway with the acquisition of Cole.

The Rockies would still need to give up more than Story and a starter if they want Gerrit Cole pitching for them in Denver next year. With two spots on the MLB roster cleared, it’s time to plunder the minor leagues.

One of the Rockies top five prospects would need to see his name included. Pitcher Riley Pint played so badly in 2017 it’s a risk for either team. The team’s other top pitching prospects, Peter Lambert and Ryan Castellani didn’t do all that much better. As the fourth overall draft pick in 2016, Pint carries far more weight. For the sake of putting together the best deal possible, let’s assume it’s him.

Finally, the make sure the Yankees can’t come back with anything better, the Rockies can include third base prospect Colton Welker. It’s not as if Welker has any future with the Rockies while Nolan Arenado is around. It may even become a terrible place to find at-bats with him out of the picture thanks to Colorado’s depth.