Phillies: A trade matchup for a pitcher

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With four outfield stars, Altherr is a possible trade piece for a starting pitcher. Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images. /

Brainstorming for a fit:

Barring the unlikely event of re-signing Hosmer, the Royals will need a center fielder, both corner infielders, and a shortstop. Hosmer is asking for $200 million over six or seven seasons, and $140 million for seven campaigns is $20 million apiece.

Currently, Kansas City has $102.2 million committed for 2018, and they want their payroll below $120 million. So, even if they give Hosner a contract for $17.7 million this 162–up from $12.25 million in 2017–they would need money for three regulars. Time to deal!

On the other hand, the Phillies can absorb a bad contract and handle a good one, and they have three players at or near the major league minimum. They have Tommy Joseph and Nick Williams or Aaron Altherr for first base and center field. Additionally, the Phils have shortstop Jose Gomez with the Single-A Advanced Clearwater Threshers.

Gomez, 21:

  • A+: 22 Gms., 98 PA, .250, 0 HR and 3 RBI.
  • A: 81 Gms., 351 PA, .324, 4 HR and 33 RBI.

Gordon, almost 34:

  • 2017: 148 Gms., 541 PA, .208, 9 HR and 45 RBI.
  • 2016: 128 Gms., 506 PA, .220, 17 HR and 40 RBI.

For his five-man staff, Klentak prefers a two-slot starter and the Royals have Danny Duffy, a controllable southpaw with a $60 million commitment remaining through 2021. And they have two bad deals: Ian Kennedy‘s $49 million and left fielder Alex Gordon‘s $40 million for three and two years respectively.

In other words, the red pinstripes would trade Joseph, Gomez and either Williams or Altherr, and the offer would increase, change, or decrease accordingly. The receiving end would be Duffy and Kennedy or Gordon and their full or partial contracts.

Duffy, 29:

  • 2017: 24 Gms., 146 1/3 Inn., 9-10 and a 3.81 ERA.
  • 2016: 42 Gms., 26 Starts, 179 2/3 Inn., 12-3 and a 3.51 ERA.

Kennedy, 33:

  • 2017: 30 Gms., 154 Inn., 5-13 and a 5.38 ERA.
  • 2016: 33 Gms., 195 2/3 Inn., 11-11 and a 3.68 ERA.

To sum up, the Phillies have some pieces the Royals could use and the ability to offer enough salary relief for a Hosmer re-signing. So, what will Klentak do to acquire Duffy from Kansas City’s GM? Motivate him!