San Francisco Giants could use slugger Adam Duvall back


Adam Duvall is a perfect fit for the San Francisco Giants. Too bad they traded him away and probably won’t get him back.

How will the San Francisco Giants rebound from a miserable 2017? So far they’ve already made a trade for third baseman Evan Longoria and should have at least one more big move up their sleeve.

One position they desperately need an upgrade is in the outfield. The Longoria deal cost them center fielder Denard Span, leaving them with more questions for 2018. Those worries wouldn’t be so prominent if they still had slugger Adam Duvall within the organization.

Cincinnati Reds fans know Duvall well. Over the past two seasons, Duvall powered his way into the starting lineup. During this time he has smashed 64 home runs while driving in a total of 202. This kind of production is something the Giants could seriously use in their often lackluster offense.

Apparently, the Giants’ decision to trade Duvall back in 2015 made sense. They were able to acquire starting pitcher Mike Leake for two months.

Unfortunately, the Giants didn’t last long in the postseason with Leake. His regular season and lone playoff start weren’t very memorable, making this deal the Reds won.

The Giants hit a league-worst 128 home runs in 2017. First baseman Brandon Belt led the team with a pitiful 18 dingers.

A look at the current roster, the Giants will probably again finish the year at or near the bottom of the league in four-base hits.

This could always change if they go out and add a much-needed power bat. Free agency offers several options including Jay Bruce, J.D. Martinez, and lesser choices.

However, the Giants are nearing the financial capacity. The next big move they make could push them over the top. Because of this, it makes more sense to look at more affordable options.

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While the Reds should shop everyone under the sun, it’s hard to imagine Duvall going back to San Francisco.

His value is now far higher than it was when he initially went to Cincinnati.

By making a deal to get him back, the Giants would necessarily pay more for Duvall than the price they originally sold him.

I don’t see the Giants calling the Reds with their tails between their legs, willing to admit defeat.

Sadly, for the Giants, Duvall is probably out of reach right now. The Reds have a good thing going and could probably get more from another team for Duvall at the trade deadline should they decide to sell him.

His shortcomings notwithstanding, Duvall would provide the Giants with exactly what they need and at a cheaper price. Although he can’t play center field, Duvall is an excellent choice for the corner outfield spots and the middle of the order.

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We’ll have to see if the San Francisco Giants prefer the power of Duvall or the amazing defensive abilities of a player like Juan Lagares. Both would help the Giants become a competitive team again without destroying the payroll.