Minnesota Twins: Ervin Santana has surgery, now what?!

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - MAY 07: Ervin Santana
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - MAY 07: Ervin Santana /
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Minnesota Twins
HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 28: Yu Darvish /

Sign Yu Darvish

This would be the moment to break the stalemate on the market where it seems that Darvish is simply waiting on the Dodgers to free up money to sign him by making him a “Godfather” offer. Give him the fifth year at a rate that he cannot resist.

The Minnesota Twins have been in on Darvish all offseason, and they’re one team that has been consistent in his pursuit throughout the offseason. The team has a huge amount of money coming off the books after 2018 currently, and Santana’s injury nearly assures he won’t vest his $14 million option for 2019, so that’s more money free for next season.

The Twins could load a contract into the first few seasons of the deal, knowing that their young core of Byron Buxton, Berrios, Eddie Rosario, Max Kepler, and Miguel Sano (depending on the outcome of the current investigation against him) will begin getting “real” money in arbitration in 2020/2021.

Early payout for Darvish could appeal to him and lower the burden on the Twins if he’s not as productive later in the contract when he’s not paid as well.

He is the one pitcher on the market this offseason that offers a true “ace” option for the Minnesota Twins, and if they want to focus on just one arm, he would absolutely be that guy, so the money is the biggest issue, something the Twins have the financial freedom to work around the next few years while other teams in the running for Darvish will still have issues making work going forward.

Darvish seems to be the domino that will cause the rest of the pitching market to fall, but he’s also seeming to want to wait on Los Angeles to see if they can get under the luxury tax, so if he’s not wanting to make the move, what would be the Twins’ next move?

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