San Francisco Giants charging nearly $20 for craft beer at ballpark

We all know that the price of beer is high at the ballpark, but nearly $20? That is what the San Francisco Giants are charging for their craft beer offerings.

Taking in a ball game at the major league level can be an expensive proposition. From the cost of tickets, to parking, to concessions and souvenirs, that journey can be rather costly. As enjoyable as an experience as it may be, those prices do not lend themselves to a spur of the moment outing. That may even be a reason as to why attendance numbers have decreased.

As much as higher prices may be expected at the ballpark, there is such a thing as taking it too far. That is the case with the San Francisco Giants, whose craft beer offerings are approaching $20 per 22 oz cup. Yes, that is larger than the average stadium brew, but it is still a ridiculous price.

Naturally, the Giants were quick to defend themselves from the reaction to those prices. They pointed out their prices for regular American draft beers, where their 14 oz draft is just $8.25, or $12 for a 20 oz pour. But, let’s be fair, that yellow water is not exactly close to the same caliber of brew as what is being offered under their craft beer area. The only disappointment in the selection may be that they do not have Old Rasputin from North Coast on tap, but I digress…

As ridiculous as prices for virtually everything is at the ballpark, these prices are near the top of the list. The Giants will likely sell enough of these beers to justify that cost to the fans, but eventually, one would think that something will give.

And yet, this does not even push the Giants into the top three in cost to see a game at the ballpark. The Red Sox, Yankees, and Cubs have a higher average price to see a game, but the Giants are getting closer. This is not a race that they want to win.

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Want a craft beer while watching the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park? Well, it’s gonna cost ya…