MLB Top Prospects: Updated top 10 list for every team

MONTREAL, QC - MARCH 27: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
MONTREAL, QC - MARCH 27: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. /
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MLB Top Prospects
MONTREAL, QC – MARCH 27: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. /

As we hit the midway point of the big league season, it’s a good time to look at MLB Top Prospects and see what’s changed

The 2018 MLB season has seen a number of MLB Top Prospects graduating to the major leagues, which has changed prospect rankings significantly. That made changing the rankings midseason much more difficult than in years past, but also more needed than typical mid-year re-ranks.

Before we get into things, we’ll discuss what to expect as you get into the rest of these lists…

I have taken the 2018 MLB draft into account for each team, though this is based primarily on pre-draft rankings, and not a lot on performance since the draft, which means there is plenty of volatility to each of these lists, whereas in the offseason I typically take a bunch of time to ensure I’m very comfortable with the placement of each player on the list in reference to where he is versus other players on the list.

I will not be including July 2nd players, however, as there is so much unknown on those players right now that they are too difficult to shuffle into a top 10 list at this point for my comfort. The first time you will see those players in rankings for me will be the offseason.

We will see an overall update to the overall top 150 list later this week, but for this post, we will be focusing on team lists. Each page as you go will have all of the top 10 lists for a division, with each team having a bit of commentary on their top 10, but not in-depth commentary on each player. I will be glad to answer any questions in the comments section on why a player fell off the list or was added to the list or any other similar question.

Let’s get started with the division currently hosting the best team in MLB, the American League East:

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