Philadelphia Phillies: Decisive bullpen moves for 2019

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Neshek is getting his share of save opportunities, but Dominguez will receive his chances also. Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images.

If dependable Phillies relievers have a success rate of an imperfect 80 percent during the next campaign, they will keep the team in many games, but the offense must score enough to be victorious.


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For the Philadelphia Phillies faithful, September’s end is near, but the players will still be making an impression on the front office. So, whether they battle in the thin Denver air or the friendly confines of the Bank, each outing will be an audition for next April’s roster.

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“An adventure is something that while it’s happening you wish it wasn’t.” – Mark Twain

Regarding a question from Double D, a poster from another Phillies site, he asked what the franchise’s plans are for the pen. Well, they are finishing against the Colorado Rockies and the Atlanta Braves: two contending organizations now and next summer. A strong outing can form a lasting impression.

Like my reader, many fans are wondering about ’19: But they gave up on this 162 long before the series in Atlanta. And even though the Braves were the squad wearing a target on their back, they clinched the division.

In Philly this season, some locals didn’t believe in the club through mid-June. And –finally– they realized the hometown nine were in first place. However, the Phils began losing more supporters each week after going into an early August tailspin and disappointing many.

Meanwhile, Braves fans were dreading another disastrous ending. But while our faithful had previously conceded defeat, theirs were still fingering their worry beads. No, ’18 hasn’t been normal.

While the good guys were on life support, Kapler had his starters not named Aaron Nola or Jake Arrieta giving a max effort: The manager didn’t want them to pace themselves for six frames or more. Now, he’ll limit the starters’ innings and probably audition at least five bullpen arms in many contests.

Double D, Kapler, originally, was evaluating hurlers for October based on their strengths, weaknesses and potential opponents. Currently, the organization’s thinking is to construct next year’s relief corps.

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