Underestimating the aggressive Philadelphia Phillies GM

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If the Phillies sign Machado, trading Hernandez could mean moving the final piece of 2017’s Opening Day infield. Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images. /


While many fans, Double D, face yearly offseason trepidation, management’s moves indicate their direction. For instance, switching Rhys Hoskins, one of two unavailable Phillies, to first base is clearly an attempt to improve left field defense.

Concerning Santana, he is still the only left-handed threat in the batting order, and his presence affects a hurler’s approach to the everyday eight. Additionally, he is an adequate third sacker, and his contract along with left-side hitting basically guarantees his 2019 return. Do you hear those complaints?

As for Maikel Franco, he raised his trade value by batting .270 with power and RBI production. But –just a guess– his offensive approach didn’t completely mesh with the organizational strategy despite working counts and opposite-field hitting. Yes, he’s a better defensive option but has a right-handed swing.

If the red pinstripes sign Machado, Cesar Hernandez with two years of control will be among the best available second basemen. Realistically, two free agents are slightly older, while others are in their mid-30s. But a swap may not take place until January because Klentak won’t gamble without Machado in the fold.

Whether you prefer one player over another, the Phils aren’t going to hand an unearned job to anybody. No, Scott Kingery‘s motivation is to deserve a starting spot at second or short. Kapler will give him enough playing time, and the rest is up to him. Double D, the MLB has 900 playing jobs and applicants aplenty.

Since J.P. Crawford bats from the opposite side, the skipper will platoon the pair, but Kingery will also face the easier right-handed starters. Yes, the faithful remember Crawford’s 2017 start with the Triple-A Lehigh Valley IronPigs but are unaware of his .287 second half there with nine home runs.