Miami Marlins take step back in 2018 to move forward

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(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

The Miami Marlins 2018 was a difficult one, but that was to be expected. However, in order to take those needed steps forward, they needed to move backwards.

If there was a word to define the 2018 Miami Marlins, it would be transition. The previous offseason was the definition of change, as the Marlins changed ownership, moving on from Jeffrey Loria to an ownership group headed by legendary shortstop Derek Jeter. Amazingly, due to a number of missteps, Jeter managed to make the reviled Loria almost beloved by comparison.

Then came the exodus of talent from the organization. Dee Gordon, Marcell Ozuna, Giancarlo Stanton, and Christian Yelich all left via trade. J.T. Realmuto kept asking to be traded, but the Marlins refused. With those losses from the lineup, the Marlins predictably struggled to a 63-98 record last season.

However, those moves, and that step back, were calculated. Despite all the missteps, the Marlins have a plan, as they are looking to build a sustainable model of success. Jeter and company made those unpopular moves in an effort to bring the Marlins bottom line under control, while making moves that would lead to future success. One of those moves, the signing of the Mesa Brothers, could pay dividends in the relatively near future.

But what about the coming year? Will the better days begin in 2019? Let us take a look back at the previous season for the Miami Marlins, and take a look forward as well.

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