Phillies: Plan B’s everyday 8

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Southpaw Pazos is the lefty reliever and the missing piece the Phillies finally acquired. Photo by Gavin Baker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images.

While the Phillies faithful are watching the sizzle of free-agent and trade rumors, general manager Matt Klentak has assembled his starting lineup of eight regulars out of nine players before pursuing three available bats.


Drawing-board picture:

Philadelphia Phillies fans are quick to judge acquisitions and stars moved to other organizations. However, Klentak is continuing a two-step approach to ease the decision-making pressure before February by plugging roster holes.


“The most successful people are those who are good at plan B.” – James A. Yorke

Last winter, Klentak was being creative to fill a major need. The exec signed switch-hitter Carlos Santana to be a balancing piece in a right-heavy lineup. Basically, the GM had wanted Rhys Hoskins and Santana in the batting order, but the left field gamble didn’t pan out.

As for Santana and the available setup men, associating a front-office misstep with them eliminates other possibilities. For instance, one explanation is moving the relievers to restructure the relief corps with a closer, and doing so would reallocate $15.5 million toward a costly fireman.

Presently, some supporters believe Klentak didn’t do enough by the July 31 deadline like postseason-bound favorites expected to win the pennant. And he took chances when he should have played it safe. However, some fans pass on criticizing the GM for their approved acquisitions who struggle. Sound about right?

Regarding Santana, he would still be on the Phils if the outfield experiment was successful. Klentak inked him as a left-side hitter with power, and locals against it are pointing out his so-called mistake. In baseball, the only way to quiet the boobirds is winning a World Series. Anything else deserves criticism.

Unfortunately, a left-handed bat with pop is again a missing piece if the red pinstripes plan on contending this 162. But Klentak may not want to wait until February for Bryce Harper. No, the higher-up will push for Michael Brantley instead.

Klentak also received a lefty reliever from the Seattle Mariners. Yes, James Pazos had made 60 appearances in 2018 with a 2.88 ERA for 50 innings, so the exec filled a critical need in the bullpen. Can I get a fire Klentak?

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