Baltimore Orioles reliever Miguel Castro survives armed robbery

Baltimore Orioles reliever Miguel Castro is lucky to be alive after an armed robbery in the Dominican Republic.

In theory, a baseball camp in the Dominican Republic should be a safe space for a major leaguer. That is where Baltimore Orioles reliever Miguel Castro found himself recently, working with players who were looking to follow his path to the majors. Instead, that sanctuary almost turned out to be one of his final sights.

Castro found himself the victim of an armed robbery, where he was accosted by two men who held him at gunpoint as he was on his way to catch a train in La Romana. After taking his chain, one attempted to shoot Castro, but his gun jammed. Fortunately, Castro found himself unharmed and is now safe.

Armed robberies such as this are a part of life in the Dominican Republic. Even being a major leaguer or professional ballplayer has not stopped these robberies from happening; former major league Andy Marte passed away in a car accident that was part of a robbery attempt. Desperate situations call for desperate solutions.

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Castro posted about the robbery on Tuesday, saying the following:

“Thank God that their gun got jammed,” as translated from Spanish. “I’m alive by the mercy of God.

“This has to stop. They took my chain and they wanted to kill me. It’s unbelievable, I was at a training field trying to help those who want to make it to the big leagues and these two guys jumped on me to take my chain with also the intention of putting a bullet in me. This has to stop.”

Castro is absolutely correct in saying that this has to stop. There needs to be a better plan, a way for people to get themselves out of poverty in a way that does not involve the diamond or robbery. Sadly, this is a reality that everyone in the Dominican deals with, where their lives could be taken in an instant.

Fortunately, Castro is safe. He should be ready to resume his place as one of the Orioles key relievers in 2020, and may even find himself as a trade candidate. But that is a question for another day.

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Right now, the Baltimore Orioles are just grateful that Miguel Castro is safe and unharmed. A scary situation could have gone a lot worse.

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