Boston Red Sox: Alex Cora and organization mutually part ways amid scandal

After the findings and punishments doled out by commissioner Rob Manfred, the Boston Red Sox and Alex Cora have mutually parted ways.

In a decision made based on the investigation and findings of the Astros’ cheating scandal, the Boston Red Sox and Alex Cora have mutually parted ways.

The announcement was released by the organization and made public on their social channels at 7:25 EST Tuesday.

Cora stated he ‘agreed parting ways was the best thing for the organization. I do not want to be a distraction to the Red Sox as they move forward.’

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Named the Red Sox manager prior to the 2018 season, Cora promptly won a World Series with the ‘best in baseball’ Red Sox. Last season, they could not even return to the postseason and it resulted in the mid-season firing of former GM Dave Dombrowski.

Cora was a pivotal piece of the Houston Astros coaching staff during their 2017 title run; the year in which the investigating dates back to.

According to several reports, Cora played a significant role in the idea to find an advanced method of sign stealing. Cora is now the third member linked to that Astros organization to be let go from their current role.

Cora has not received any punishment from the league at the time this was written, but there is speculation that perhaps commissioner Manfred does have a punishment in mind for Cora. What it could be is unknown.

This has been one of the more intense investigations into a cheating scandal since the Mitchell Report, Pete Rose and even the Black Sox. We are currently seeing the trickle-down effect of the initial punishments given out by the league.

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The Boston Red Sox join the Houston Astros in the now late search for a new skipper with Spring Training close to just one month away.

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