Boston Red Sox are the laughingstock of the offseason

The Boston Red Sox offseason has been a complete disaster. They are rapidly becoming the laughingstock of the league.

This offseason has been a disaster for the Boston Red Sox. Seemingly under a mandate to slash payroll to drop below the luxury tax, the Red Sox have done virtually nothing to shore up the issues on their roster. There are holes throughout the roster, particularly on the pitching side, and nothing has been done to address those concerns.

In addition, AstroGate encompassed Boston. Alex Cora, the Red Sox manager, had been implicated not only in what happened in Houston, but in bringing that scheme to Boston in 2018. Their World Series title has been tarnished, and their manager fired shortly before spring training is set to begin.

Yet, that has not been the biggest embarrassment of the offseason for Boston. Earlier this past week, they had reportedly traded franchise player Mookie Betts, along with the bloated contract of David Price, to the Dodgers. In exchange, they were set to receive Alex Verdugo and Brusdar Graterol, with Kenta Maeda heading to Minnesota.

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At least, that was the deal before social media exploded, claiming that the Red Sox were bamboozled, led astray, and run amok like a Stephen A. Smith rant. Suddenly, there were “questions” about Graterol’s medicals, with the Red Sox claiming ignorance to the fact that the portly pitcher was likely to end up in the bullpen. Somehow, this stance ignored the Twins own expectations that Graterol was a future reliever, or that he was likely to end up as the Red Sox closer of the present and future.

Naturally, the Red Sox, seeing that they had been hoodwinked, are attempting to restructure the trade after the fact. Although the Twins have reportedly been willing to include another top 20 prospect to make the trade happen, Boston has refused to budge. Now, they are faced with the prospect of having both Betts and Price in camp in just a few short days, trying to claim that they wanted both players there all along.

While that circus is ongoing, let us not forget the managerial situation. Ron Roenicke is presumably going to be the next Red Sox manager, but Boston is waiting for the results of the MLB investigation into their own cheating scandal. As Roenicke had been Cora’s bench coach, could there be some concern that he was also a part of the sign stealing saga?

It is still possible that the Red Sox can salvage the offseason. They could end up getting a better deal for Betts and Price, adding that prospect that could allow them to save some face with the fans. Roenicke could end up being a solid manager, if he gets the chance. Or, the three ring circus in Fenway can continue, with the Red Sox continuing to be a joke over the last few weeks.

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The Boston Red Sox have become a laughingstock this offseason. All that is missing is the Benny Hill music.

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