Oakland Athletics: Jose Canseco wants to replace Rob Manfred

We don’t ask the baseball gods for much, but please let former Oakland Athletics star Jose Canseco’s desire to replace Rob Manfred as MLB commissioner happen.

Usually, when former Oakland Athletics star Jose Canseco is in the news, it is for some completely bizarre reason. There are his claims that he traveled through time and space with aliens. His guarantee that, if you pay to hang out with him for a weekend, you will meet those aforementioned aliens AND Bigfoot. Of course, there is always the possibility that it’s really Ozzie Canseco that you would be hanging out with, but who cares about the details?

This time, Canseco is back in the news and it is for a perfectly amazing reason. He, like many other baseball fans, is fed up with commissioner Rob Manfred. Between his changes to the game and his horrific attempt to handle AstroGate, Canseco has had enough. Naturally, he has a solution.

There are few things that everyone can agree upon, regardless of the topic. However, in terms of a possible unintentional comedy gold mine, Canseco as the next MLB commissioner would be one of the greatest things ever.

Like Manfred, Canseco would likely make some changes. No, there would not be pitch clocks or a minimum number of batters to face. Instead, imagine a baseball landscape where any drug is legal. Let’s pump everyone so full of PEDs that Barry Bonds would look like Pee Wee Herman. Imagine how far players would be hitting home runs, or how fast pitchers would be throwing.

And why stop with Canseco as the new sheriff in town? Let’s put Bill Lee in charge of the American League, and Kyle Farnsworth in charge of the National League. Between the Spaceman and one of the one pitcher no one should have ever charged, the game would be far more entertaining. Want to attract the younger fans? With all the drugs done in the league offices under this new regime, plenty of interesting concepts will come about. Some might even be good!

Former Oakland Athletics star Jose Canseco wants to be the next MLB commissioner. Considering what is in the office now, why not give him a shot?