Baltimore Orioles: Trey Mancini has more than baseball to focus on

The news that the MLB season has been postponed is beneficial to Baltimore Orioles first baseman/outfielder Trey Mancini, who has other issues to focus on.

Last week, it was announced that Trey Mancini was leaving the Baltimore Orioles to have an undisclosed medical procedure. Although information was scant at best, it was expected that Mancini would miss Opening Day, and a portion of the start of the year.

On Thursday, Major League Baseball announced that Opening Day would be pushed back at least two weeks due to the coronavirus. There was hope that the delay would allow Mancini time to recover and return to the Orioles lineup in time for the season to begin. Instead, later that day, the Orioles announced why Mancini had left camp – he had surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his colon.

Understandably, the Orioles do not have a time table for Mancini’s return at this point. More tests need to be performed, and there will be a recovery period before he can even start to worry about getting ready for the season, whenever it is set to begin.

For a lineup that was already bereft of top end talent, Mancini is a major loss. He had produced a .291/.364/.535 batting line in 2019, hitting 35 homers and 38 doubles. Mancini led the team in doubles, homers, and RBI, while being the only player to post an OPS+ above 110.

But now, there are more important things to be concerned about than the Orioles lineup. With the season being delayed, and the continuing spread of the coronavirus, the teams and fans need to focus on staying healthy.

That is especially true with Mancini at this point. Despite a lack of answers regarding his situation, it is known that he is going through an uncertain and frightening time. As such an important part of the Orioles’ future, his health is of the utmost importance.

Over the past few days, there have been numerous reminders that there are more important things than baseball. Baltimore Orioles slugger Trey Mancini’s situation is just another one.