New York Mets: Alonso and Rojas stun stricken fan Kathleen Selig

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(Photo by Blank Archives/Getty Images)

Slugger Pete Alonso and manager Luis Rojas called cancer-stricken Mets super fan Kathleen Selig after her granddaughter’s appeal.

It proved not enough that New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso and former Met infielder Gregg Jefferies shouted out to cancer-stricken, lifelong 82-year-old Met fan, Kathleen Selig. Ally Hengelin’s moving appeal for the Mets to reach to her grandmother prodded Alonzo and manager Luis Rojas to give the lady a video call Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Selig has been diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer and, two weeks after receiving that news, she was told by her doctors she has mere weeks to live. The coronavirus has delayed baseball season with no assurance that the lady will be here to see her Mets even one more time.

“The Mets have helped her through her loneliest of times,” Ally wrote as part of the tweet that started that particular ball rolling, “so much so that she has asked us to spread her ashes at Citi Field when the time comes.”

If they couldn’t play baseball one more time before Mrs. Selig goes to the Elysian Fields, and one and all hope her journey will not be compelled for a longer time than mere weeks, Alonzo and Rojas gave her the next best thing.

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