Pittsburgh Pirates: team shows support for local hospital

With all the feel-bad stories in the media right now surrounding coronavirus, the Pittsburgh Pirates give us a feel-good story.

The Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team may be without work right now, but they are working hard to support the fight of the coronavirus pandemic.

Newscast after newspaper article after political press conference, the negativity surrounding the tragic coronavirus pandemic is overwhelming. With cities going into “shelter in place” mode and social distancing becoming the new trend, baseball, or the lack thereof, has rightfully taken a backseat to humanity.

The economy on the global level is tanking, and on the local level hemorrhaging. Businesses are losing customers as foot traffic has slowed to a standstill and first responders are putting in exhausting hours to try to get ahold of one of the worst medical situations in history.

On Monday the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team said enough is enough, with the negativity. Banding together as a team, they purchased 400 pizzas (and pasta) to feed the staff at Allegheny General Hospital.

Pitcher Jameson Tallion was the one to initiate the conversation as he wanted to show support for some local businesses who have seen there revenue slowed in recent days.

The gesture does more than infuse some money into a couple of Pittsburgh pizza joints and feed several hungry employees. The message the players are sending is they support their community in times of need. Sometimes all it takes is a little positivity to change how a person’s day is going.

The city of Pittsburgh, just like every other professional baseball city, is without their team on the field right now. The city of Pittsburgh is not without their team in their hearts though. This was a tremendously classy move from one group of professionals to another.

For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.