St. Louis Cardinals: Jim Edmonds shows his inner strength

We are used to seeing a leaping Jim Edmonds flying through the air on the baseball diamond, not laying in a hospital bed. Thankfully he’s recovering nicely from his bout with coronavirus.

The tragic cases of coronavirus are exploding throughout the world. No one is immune, not even the most physically fit athlete or the healthy retired athlete. Jim Edmonds tested positive with coronavirus a week ago, but now is reporting he is symptom-free.

Edmonds is a hulk of a man still and his Instagram page is sprinkled with pictures of him in the gym or lifting weights. As a baseball star, we put players like him on a pedestal, thinking they are untouchable when it comes to the long reach of a pandemic. When these immortals in our eyes are stricken, the biggest fears come to mind for the rest of us.

Edmonds is now symptom-free from the virus. A lift for a society that is desperately looking for success stories as the number of cases continues to rise. Edmonds urges those who have shortness of breath to seek medical help and continue to take care of themselves.

Best known for his acrobatic catches and tracking ability in the outfield, Jim Edmonds won eight Gold Gloves in his 17-year baseball career. He spent time with six different teams, most notably the St. Louis Cardinals, where he was a part of the 2006 World Series-winning team.

Edmonds had two seasons with the Cardinals where he hit 42 home runs and finished with 393 career jacks and nearly 1200 runs batted in. We are thankful for the work he did on the baseball field, but more importantly very grateful he is recovering from his illness.

Since the conclusion of his playing days, Edmonds has spent a lot of time with his family as well as made appearances on Real Housewives of Orange County with his ex-wife and worked as a broadcaster with the Cardinals.

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For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.