Texas Rangers: Josh Hamilton ruins storybook ending

Storybooks end on a high note for a reason. Former Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton showed us why that is the case.

It was the perfect storybook ending for former Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton. He had come back from the depths of alcoholism and drug abuse – twice – to become a productive major league player, the former top overall pick who battled and clawed to return to glory. There were some bumps along the way, but that was to be expected. After all, we cannot have a happy ending without some sadness and misery first.

Hamilton, who had been considered the top overall prospect in the game prior to 2001, was out of baseball from 2003 through 2005, his addictions and injuries overcoming him. He had returned tot he game in 2006, reached the majors in 2007, and put together an excellent nine year career. He blossomed as a star with the Rangers, a five time All Star who had won the 2010 AL MVP award. It took some time, but he became the player he was always expected to be.

And that is where the story should have ended. Hamilton should have ridden off into the sunset after 2018, an inspiration for everyone who has battled with addiction, a beacon of hope that they could fulfill their potential. At least, that is where the book and/or movie would cut off, with Hamilton departing on his terms.

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But this is not fantasy. The story does not end when the hero disappears into the sunset, the inspirational stories continue after that high point. And so it was the case with Hamilton, who was arrested on felony child abuse charges from an incident involving his daughter at the end of September.

According to the charges, Hamilton had become upset with his daughter, and threw a water bottle at her chest. From there, he ramped the situation up even further, pulling a chair out from under her and bruising her hip. Afterwards, he carried her upstairs, pinned her down, and began beating her legs with a closed fist and open hand, all the while telling her that he hoped she would go to the judge and say how bad of a father he is so he’d never have to see her again.

This incident also happened two days after what should have been a banner day for Hamilton. The Rangers had honored him during the final game at Globe Life Park, naming him to their all GLP team, another highlight in his resurrection.

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That is the problem with storybooks – the happy endings do not come true. Time has a way of tearing heroes and inspirational figures down. That is the case with former Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, who ruined his story with his actions against his daughter.

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