Washington Nationals: here’s hoping Brandon Snyder sticks

After several cups of coffee in the bigs, Washington Nationals infielder Brandon Snyder is hoping to stick around a little longer this year.

There are several guys out there like Washington Nationals IF Brandon Snyder. Guys who are either career minor leaguers or guys who are up and down between the minors and majors. Once they get demoted they are designated for assignment and must reestablish themselves, oftentimes with different organizations.

When Snyder was drafted thirteenth overall in the first round of the 2005 draft, he didn’t envision himself leading this type of baseball life. By age thirty-three surely he figured his ten-plus year career would be winding down, having established himself as an All-Star caliber player.

Snyder’s big league career did begin ten years ago, with a twenty at-bat trial with the Baltimore Orioles. He passed the first test, getting six hits including two doubles. He’d appear in the majors for parts of the next three seasons as well, albeit for three different teams. And so the brigade began of the minor league free agent looking for a chance to prove himself and earn a longer stay at the big league level.

The cliche thing to do right now would be to list all the minor league cities he’s been to. Or mention the long bus rides he takes with the goal to get back to the majors. There’s no need.

After appearing in 2013 with the Boston Red Sox he didn’t surface again until 2016 with the Atlanta Braves. The following year was spent entirely in the minors then he got into two games in 2018 with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Prior to the 2019 season, he signed with the Nationals, a team he was also a part of the system in for the 2016 season. This past season he hit 31 home runs at Triple-A Fresno. Yes, the Pacific Coast League inflates power numbers I know.

However, at the time Major League Baseball decided to freeze rosters during spring training, Brandon Snyder was still a part of the big league camp. Hitting a nifty .333 in the early going he survived the first three rounds of cuts.

When play begins there has been discussion of rosters having up to 29 players. I’m hoping the versatile Snyder can snag one of the extra spots for the Washington Nationals and show he can still contribute to a winning team.