Los Angeles Angels: Mike Trout says pump the brakes a bit

With a flurry of potential plans coming out for how to get MLB up and running, Los Angeles Angels OF Mike Trout says slow your roll to the latest scenario.

The good news is Major League Baseball is working overtime trying to get players back on a playing field. Whether that field is in Japan, in Arizona and Florida only, surrounded by an empty stadium or stadium full of cheering robots, remains to be seen. With the latest idea though, Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout has been slow to warm.

Trout went on NBCSports to share his thoughts with the idea of having players centralized in one location for games.

Of course, these are just chicken scratchings on the surface for the league and Major League Baseball can not be criticized for leaking ideas without fully thinking them through. If there was no word coming out of the league offices fans would be calling them out, accusing them of sitting on their hands doing nothing.

The idea of having all baseball players congregate in one central city for games, then disperse to their individual hotels for lockdown, seems suspect at best. Trout raises some interesting concerns, the most important being families and quarantine upon leaving lockdown.

Baseball players have lives outside of baseball and as long as the coronavirus pandemic is still running rogue, it’s hard to ask guys to leave their families or choose between family milestones and their job.

Sure some players have made it known they would kick their family to the curb without thought (looking at you Cole Hamels), though the majority would not. They shouldn’t have to be put in the position to decide.

With any proposal Major League Baseball comes up with, the Player’s Association will have to sign off before implementation. One could argue Mike Trout is one of the faces of baseball these days and having him publicly pick apart ideas doesn’t give hope to finding a solution soon.

I’m in agreement with Trout, the Arizona plan isn’t the most realistic of the bunch, albeit better than most.

The options are either back to the drawing board or wait for this pandemic out. We’ll see who blinks first.

For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.