New York Mets: The franchise no one wants

The New York Mets are still for sale, but no one is stepping forward to purchase the beleaguered franchise.

The long standing nightmare for New York Mets fans continues. The Wilpons are still in control of the franchise, despite a previous agreement to sell. However, given their demand to control the franchise for another five years despite not owning the team, one can understand why that attempt fell through.

Then there was a glimmer of hope in an expected place. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were interested in purchasing the team and were looking for others to join their attempt. It was a strange image to have A-Rod as the saviour on a white horse, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Alas, that most recent bid has fallen through, as their attempt to purchase the Mets has come to an end. They simply were unable to attract the backing needed, nor were they able to find co-owners for their attempt.

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It is easy to understand why. The Mets are hemorrhaging money currently and could lose as much as nine figures if the season is not played. Likewise, the Wilpons have not exactly been known for their financial acuity, having been swindled by Bernie Madoff while somehow managing to avoid turning a franchise in a media centre into a cash cow.

Likewise, with the ongoing pandemic, people everywhere are watching their finances dwindle. This is the worst possible time to be attempting to sell a franchise, but it is also a situation that the Wilpons could have avoided had they been willing to cede control. Instead, they may be lucky to get even 75% of the previously agreed upon purchase price.

Frankly, does anyone even want the Mets right now? The Wilpons don’t, considering their willingness to give up command of the franchise. No one was willing to join the A-Rod-JLo power couple. And through it all, the fanbase is just waiting for their nightmare to end, for someone to come in on that white horse and rescue them from the depths of indifference.

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The New York Mets are still for sale. However, like a rusted out Ford Pinto, no one is interested.