FIVE rules in MLB’s proposal that should’ve been ousted long ago

Let’s look at FIVE rules proposed by MLB that should’ve been out long ago. These are things that are completely unnecessary and at times even disgusting.

When baseball returns, much of the game is going to look completely different. I’m not just talking about the empty stadiums or masked team personnel or even the excessive use of batting gloves. I’m talking about the little things you see during a regular MLB game. The little unnecessary, sometimes disgusting habits baseball players — myself included — have somehow brought into the game.

So, today, I’m going to take you through FIVE rules in MLB’s proposal that should have been ousted a long time ago.

One – All Team Mascots Banned From Field

Now, i’m not sure if you knew this, but ALL but THREE MLB teams currently have “official” mascots. The most famous of them are Sluggerr (KCR), San Diego Chicken (SDP), Phillie Phanatic (PHI), Mr. Met (NYM), and Slider (CLE).

Well, if there’s ever a 2020 season, ALL team mascots will be banned from the field.

Sure, the purpose of these “characters” is to market teams to children, but really they serve the same purpose an MLB cheerleader: NOTHING. And just like MLB cheerleaders, they shouldn’t exist

Two & Three – No Spitting & No Dipping

The next two go hand in hand, so let’s lump them together in a two-for-one. Dipping and Spitting. Sure, some players spit out of the sheer force of habit, some spit sunflower seeds — which are now also illegal — but the combination of dip (aka chewing tobacco) and spit is deadly and, frankly, disgusting.

Seriously, outside of a baseball field, do you think this guy just goes around spitting everywhere? Do you think this guy puts a lump of tobacco under his lip when he’s home playing in the yard with his kids?

Why would you want to chew tobacco anyway? Have you seen what it can do to you?

You may think you’re the next Tony Gwynn, but do you really want to be the next Tony Gwynn? I didn’t think so.

Four – No Water Jugs

And then there were water jugs. You know, those big orange buckets that mostly gets used during walk-off celebrations. If MLB’s proposal goes through, those water jugs will be no more, and I have to say, “good riddance.”

Forget how baseball players waste sunflower seeds, how many times have you seen a player fill a cup from the jug, take a sip, spit out the water, crush the cup and just toss it on the ground. I mean, set an example, fellas. RECYCLE!


Five – No licking fingers

Of all the major sports, MLB is arguably the most unnecessarily germy ones. We already went over spitting, so let’s tackle another one: licking fingers.

Most notably, you see a pitcher’s doing it and if they do, it’s because an umpire gave them permission to. That’s right! In the past, teams had to ask permission in order for pitchers to be able to lick their fingers.

Why would you do this, you might ask? Well, in colder temperatures, it “supposedly” gives pitchers a better grip on the ball.

Would you like to know what else gives you a better grip on the ball? Pine tar!

That’s right, legalize pine tar. It’s the worst kept secret in baseball that ALL teams do it, so just allow it already!