Atlanta Braves: Marcell Ozuna victim of domestic abuse

Atlanta Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna was the victim of domestic abuse, with his wife being arrested after a two week investigation.

Domestic abuse has been an issue in Major League Baseball over the past few years. Since the creation of their domestic violence policy in August 2015, 12 players have been suspended for various infractions. In the cases of players like Hector Olivera and Derek Norris, those suspensions effectively ended their careers.

While these allegations appear against ballplayers, it is not often that we hear of a player being the victim of domestic abuse. That was the case with Atlanta Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna, whose wife, Genesis, was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

According to reports, Ozuna’s wife hit him with a soap dish, opening a small laceration on his face. The outfielder then drove himself to report the incident. Following her subsequent arrest, Ozuna’s wife entered a not guilty plea and was given a stay-away order.

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Often times, we think of ballplayers, regardless of sport, as larger than life. These paragons of athleticism are seemingly untouchable, even in these days of constant news and the everpresent media. Maybe it is an old fashioned mindset, but it is one that persists.

Likewise, we do not think of males as possibly being the victims of domestic violence. There remains a social stigma around such incidents, with the victims facing ridicule for their lack of masculinity. It is estimated that 13.8% of men are the victims of domestic abuse at some point in their lifetime, but a very small percentage of those cases are ever reported.

Perhaps with Ozuna going to the authorities in his case, that will change. Maybe other people, both male and female, will feel more comfortable in speaking up in cases of abuse after seeing a professional athlete dealing with the same issues. It may not be a topic that people want to discuss, but having someone like Ozuna come forward can make a difference to others.

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Marcell Ozuna was reportedly the victim of domestic violence. Hopefully, not only is he in a better position now, but his story may be able to help others in the same predicament.