MLB Draft: Morales and Mederos are two top prospects for the draft

As the MLB Draft is set to kick off, here are two top prospects to watch for.

The MLB Draft has been set for June 10-11 and has been cut to five rounds this year. Teams will also have the option to sign players for 20,000 a pop after the draft, this explains the mass release of minor league players by MLB teams leading up to the draft.

Of the Cubans eligible for the draft there are two players the have drawn plenty of interest from major league teams, they are Víctor Mederos and Yohandy Morales. These two prospects are projected to be taken in the competitive balance rounds.

Both Mederos and Morales have signed with the University of Miami, this is of course pending the outcome of the draft.

Morales is the son of Andy Morales, a Cuban League legend and an ex-Yankee farmhand. The young man has great size, he goes about 6’4 and weighs 195 pounds. He’s been compared to a young Carlos Correa but has plenty of space to add weight as he matures.

In the batter’s box he makes good contact but has a little trouble with breaking pitches. This is something that will be corrected in the minors.

Another thing that attracts teams is where he played, South Florida is one of the toughest places to play high school baseball. Morales faced top competition throughout his scholastic years.

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On the defensive side, the infielder has great range and a cannon for an arm. He projects as a shortstop but in time and with maturity might end being a third baseman. As per Baseball America, he’s #77 of the top 500 draft prospects.

Víctor Mederos impressed plenty of scouts during some of his outings in the Under Armour games. During those outings, he showed plenty of command, mound presence, and velocity on the mound.

His fastball is in the mid-’90s and tops out at 96 mph. His 12-6 curve and 85 mph changeup is above average and will baffle plenty of hitters.

At 6’3 and 220 lbs, he is a mountain of man although he’s still a teenager. As per Steve Bernhardt of baseball factory, the young righty is a solid citizen and has a great repertoire. Bernhardt also added,” His confidence on the mound translated in great results.”

Mederos has no problem throwing any of the pitches in a 3-2 count and getting outs. As per scouts, he translates into a 70 overall on the 20-80. The young flamethrower is #59 on Baseball America ‘s top 500 MLB draft prospects.

As per Mederos, he will give you kudos if you can hit him,” If you compete and hit my best pitch I will tip my hat to you, but rest assured I’m always going to come with my best pitch.

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Could these two young men be future MLB stars? Only time will tell.

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