Miami Marlins: Recapping the draft with burning questions for fans

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Here’s a look at the questions Miami Marlins fans should be asking after the draft.

The Miami Marlins are officially off the clock, and the 2020 MLB Draft is a wrap.

Following a historically shortened draft, many baseball fans are likely wondering what to make of this draft class. Most Miami Marlins fans are probably aware of the fact that they took all pitchers, a strategy many might question given the state of the MLB roster.

The Marlins already sport one of baseball’s more interesting young rotations, and with big names like Sixto Sanchez knocking on the door, it could be well on its way to dominance. Meanwhile, to borrow from Bull Durham, the big league club hasn’t been able to hit water falling out of a boat the past two seasons. Seems like some more bats might be in order.

Personally, I love the strategy.

The last two Marlins drafts were very hitter heavy, as were many of the recent trades. So there’s that. More importantly, though, pitching prospects are the ultimate currency. And while I sincerely hope this ownership group uses this commodity more judiciously, I have no problem with them doing it occasionally. A mass infusion of pitching like this can easily lead to either not having to spend on elite pitching, or being able to trade for an elite player.

But still, all pitchers? Six straight pitchers? Marlins fans casting about for their sports fix are surely jonesing for some context. This article will tackle some of the most likely questions.

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