Toronto Blue Jays: Which father-son duo will be the best?

Which father-son duo from the Toronto Blue Jays young team will go down as the best ever.

The Toronto Blue Jays amazingly have 3 promising young players who are sons of former Major League All-Stars.


We’re obviously not going to know which of these duos is going to go down as the best for a while, but looking at the career of each father will show us who is ahead right now.

Dante Bichette had a very good major league career in his own right making 4 All-Star games, but he doesn’t compare to Craig Biggio and Vladimir Guerrero.

Those two are legends and both already in the Hall of Fame. Biggio had a 65.5 career WAR, Vlad had a 59.5 career WAR, and Bichette only had a 5.7 career WAR.

With these being the facts, it is hard to see the Bichette duo going down as the best. Bo Bichette would mostly need to have a Hall of Fame career to put the Bichettes on the same level.

While Bo has so far been the best of the three sons, you can’t expect him to have that type of career.

The careers of Craig Biggio and Vladimir Guerrero are about even based on what you value more. Biggio was the better all-around player with 4 Gold Gloves and 414 Stolen Bases, while Vlad was the better hitter with 449 HRs and a .931 career OPS.

This means it will most likely come down to who has the better career between Vlad Jr and Cavan Biggio. With the fact that all we’ve seen from them is less than a full season, projecting their full career trajectory is obviously very difficult.

Even though Biggio was a bit better in 2019 with a 2.9 WAR in 100 games compared to a 1.5 WAR for Vlad Jr in 123 G, it is tough to see him being much better than Vlad Jr for too long.

Vlad Jr certainly disappointed a bit in 2019, as he was one of the most hyped prospects in a long time, but he stilled showed his star potential. The simple fact is that he hits the ball harder than just about anyone else in the big leagues.

He hit more balls over 115 MPH than anyone last year, and he hit the hardest ball recorded by Statcast last year at 118.9 MPH. His average HR distance of 418 ft ranked only behind Ian Desmond (425 ft), Mike Trout (419 ft), and Michael Chavis (419 ft).

His potential to become some sort of star or elite power threat is obviously there and very likely to happen as long as he stays healthy. Cavan Biggio was very good last year as a rookie and certainly has even more potential, but it’s tough to see what areas could possibly make him a superstar.

Cavan is most likely going to be a great all-around player as he showed his ability as a hitter, fielder, and baserunner already, but Vlad Jr’s potential as a hitter still tops that right now.

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All three of these father-son duos will go down as greats and it’s amazing they’re all together on the Toronto Blue Jays, but the Guerrero’s hitting abilities are most likely to put them on the top of this list when it’s all said and done.

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